I abhor starting new things. There’s such a huge learning curve. It’s hard to fit in with everything else already underway. I become diabolically obsessed by it and make everyone┬áin my life crazy. Some sort of “funk” overtakes me several weeks in as I always conclude I’m on the last wave of something I’ve just discovered while the rest of the world is already on to something new and more exciting.

But I can’t let it go. I’m playing catchup and it’s humbling as hell. When I get to the point where I can quickly reel off more negatives than positives about a new experience, I stop longing to be hooked up to the Borg for a memory dump and I dive in for real. And for all this misery I’m compelled to do it over and over again. What would our lives be without new beginnings, new things to learn, to be challenged by?

No one, not even the Borg can learn for us. It’s a solo journey and a fitting place to begin this website that I’ve longed for, dreamed about, and finally, finally done something about. I’m Tammie Dooley, a writer, photographer, and an outdoors enthusiast. This is the first post on Solo Road Trip. Welcome!

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