The subtitle for Wanderlust and Lipstick states: “The essential guide for women traveling solo.” My readership on this site approximates 50% male so when Beth asked I review the book, I was reluctant to discuss and recommend something geared specifically towards women. Then I actually read the book.

From cover to cover it’s glutted with resources I’ve not seen all compacted in one tidy place and many with which I was completely unaware. From forums (which have become some of the best sources for hands-on information) to dining guides, to websites covering all modes of transportation timetables, to information on how to handle illness or emergencies, the resources alone make this book worth the purchase price.

Beyond the sheer quantity and usefulness of the resources for traveling the world, the book inspires. Beth has ridden a BMW F650, SOLO, from Seattle to Panama, had a grenade pulled on her in Cambodia, and encountered the monster of giardia in Southeast Asia. Without having to say anything, Whitman’s erudition alone is inspiring. But she doesn’t stop there. Her ability to impart nuggets of wisdom and encouragement tells the reader she’s a woman on a mission – her goal is to see others enjoy the empowerment, liberation and rejuvenation of solo travel. She’s done it, she loves it, and she’s going to make you love it too!

Based on the comments to various posts and other interaction with the male readership on this site, you face the same strongholds towards solo travel that women do (and why wouldn’t you?). There’s logistical, psychological, and sociological issues with solo travel and these issues do not discriminate between the sexes.

So guys, if you’re not comfortable ordering the book for yourself, order it for a woman (or two) in your life and read it before tying on a bow.

Beth’s website, is another great resource (and entertaining), with gear reviews and ideas for world travel Check it out!

The book is $15.95 and can be purchased on the Wanderlust and Lipstick website:

SRT readers, let me know if you enjoy this post and/or find it informational. It’s a departure from my normal road trip fare, but worthy of the detour.

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