It’s heeerre!  No matter how hard you try not to think about it, it’s not going away.  With every passing day the pressure of holiday shopping becomes more and more crushing. Or if you’re one of those who love the shopping part of the season, more and more exciting. Me? I’m already 3 inches shorter from the crush of it all, and it’s only November 3rd.

I’m going to help both of us through this trying time by featuring various gifts over the next six weeks – most travel related, some kinda travel related, and some not travel related at all.

These posts will be along the lines of: here it is, check it out, buy one.  I’m a decent writer but I cannot offer you the entertainment of J.Peterman when it comes to describing inanimate objects.  Besides I lack the same incentive.

If you’ve yet to check your calendar, Christmas falls on Friday, December 25th, and Hanukkah starts Saturday December 12.

I own one of these. So this post will be of no help to my husband.  My Ameribag is six years old and has been all over the world. Well, maybe not ALL over the world, but it’s seen a lot of planes, trains, buses, taxis, one tractor, and a rickshaw.  It looks brand new. I don’t travel without it. Ever.

The one pictured is the small size.

Pictured above is the small sized, classic style. Mine is a medium (classic/leather). All the styles come in extra small, small, medium and large. Personally, I think the extra small and small would be useless, but that’s just my opinion.

The bags are attractive, tough, have tons of pockets both inside and out, come in several styles and fabric choices, and they’re ERGONOMIC, which means they lie nicely in the small of the back when slung over your shoulder.

Ameribag's Baby Bag, the HB2

Ameribag's Baby Bag, the HB2

The Sport Ameribag - Helixx

The Sport Ameribag - Helixx

I had to clean mine out for the photo shoot. Amazing what I found!

I cleaned mine out so you could see the inside pockets.

Here’s their website:

The most expensive bag I saw  on the site was $232 for a large, classic in leather.  The medium sized microfiber is $79 (a VERY nice choice). Other bags were listed for less than $60.

The photos that look like they’re from the Ameribag website, are. The other one, isn’t. 

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