Oh, I know!! I know. This is not nearly as practical as the post for the Ameribag gift idea. These items are strictly pretty. And they have absolutely nothing to do with road trips, other than you can wear them on a road trip and look H.O.T. And I must defend the two items I’ve featured from Anthropologie as being travel related. Check out the items’ names. See?  Travel related.

A guy friend asked me what it was about Anthropologie that so appealed to women.  The only thing I could tell him was their stuff is cool.  It’s no different than shopping for cool photography equipment. Cool stuff is appealing. I realize that’s less profound than much of what I write, but alas, we are discussing shopping. I must add a LOL on all that BS.

In addition to their stuff being cool, I love the dream-scape layouts in the catalog.  THAT is probably the reason I associate all their merchandise with “cool”.  So whatever they’re doing, it’s worked its magic on me.

The Havana Sweater

The Havana Sweater Coat

On The Road Boots

On The Road Boots

The Havana Sweater Coat is $198.  Here’s the link if you want to go straight to it, and not shop around.

The On-The-Road boots are $328. Here’s the link for those.

If you order anything and enjoy interesting, dreamy, sometimes whimsical fashion photography, be sure to sign up for a catalog.

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