The winner of the side mirror photography contest is Sarah Reagan’s photo, “Texas Road.” Sarah gets to choose between a $100 gift card from either Amazon or B&H Photo.  Congratulations Sarah!

Photo "Texas Road", by Sarah Reagan

Shot with a Kodak Easy Share camera, Sarah’s photo gives credence to the point I’ve made numerous times – it’s not about the camera – great shots can be had from inexpensive cameras. A little reminder of that: Great Photos from Really Cheap Cameras.

There were many captivating entries.

Shots whose background had no similarities with the reflection, like this photo of Monument Valley from Rex Nemo, were particularly interesting.

Rex Nemo. Monument Valley. Shot from the seat of his bike.

Pure beauty shots.

Dominique Levenberg. "Grand Teton" Taken from her Harley.

Rhonda Morris Schley: "A Look Back Down a Snowy Road"

Gretchen Sanders, "Sometimes, the farthest experiences are the closest to home"

Some showed the contrast inherent in many a road trip – that between the modern conveniences we flee and the peace and tranquility for which we press the pedal.

This from Karen Mallette. “During the same trip through the Southwest, we stopped at the McDonald’s in Page, AZ. As we got ready to hit the road again, I noticed the contrast between the “human” of the building, and the “Godness” of the red rock in the rear view mirror.”

Karen Mallette. McDonald's in the background. Arizona's natural beauty in the reflection.

More than once, the words “changed my life” were with the submission.  Music to my ears.

Shelda Mushroom Fountain Carlock's "Bonnaroo '10". "The road trip that changed my life."

The pet shots were fun!

Photo by Traci Quam Vosen

Photo by Sarah Clark. Sunrise at Canyonlands National Park.

Photo by Alison Turner. "Somebody is tired of camping and wants to go home."

And this from the ultimate road tripper of all –  J.R. Templeton, a hitchhiker, and a vanishing breed.

J.R. Templeton's "Leaving Colorado: A Hitchhiker's Perspective"

Shots that remind us of our own “last views”.  This one brought back a few poignant memories for me.

Kimmie Meaney's "Driving Away from the Old Family Home for the Last Time"

And a reminder of why we road trip – FREEDOM!

Alison Turner's "Freedom"

Remember, these photos are the property of their creators.  Do not copy or download either the photos or any of the text until you get permission from them. Please ask first.

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