The majority of my best photos have been taken on road trips – some within 50 miles of my house.  Most were stumble-upons; moments I couldn’t have planned, or ever forget.
The sun is shining here for the first time in several weeks.  Looking at these photos and watching the leaves tumble makes me smile. I hope these inspire you to hit the road this weekend!
Catoosa Blue Whale

Blue Whale. Catoosa, Oklahoma.

Leo the Cowboy


The Family Sedan Goes Hunting

The Family Sedan Goes Hunting. Yes, I was driving when I took this. And yes, the entire animal was in the back seat. “Hey, kids, help me unload this thing!”

Grasshopper's Delight

North Dakota. The Enchanted Highway.


Somewhere in the Midwest.


Carhenge. Nebraska.

Scott's Bluff, Nebraska

Nebraska. Scott’s Bluff.

Kansas? YES, Kansas

Kansas. Monument Rock.


South Dakota. Mt. Rushmore.

The Badlands?

South Dakota. Badlands.

Devil's Tower National Monument, Wyoming. High ISO FILM - see the moon?!

Devil’s Tower National Monument, Wyoming.

Yellowstone Winter

Yellowstone. My secret spot.

Deer Crossing


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