On a recent road trip, this old dairy barn was photographed.  The sky was beautiful, the leaves made such a lovely carpet, the light was just right. Notice how it falls on the gate leaning against the fence.

Both were shot with a Canon 5D (in color) using a 16-35 mm lens. The Black & White rendition was converted using a Photoshop plug-in I discovered recently called Silver Efex Pro by Nik Software. It’s an amazing program and has helped wean me from the addiction to the darkroom. Which means I’m shooting less film, storage headaches are decreasing along with trips to the lab to have negatives scanned.

Now that we’ve discussed all that, which do you prefer of the two?

Barnsdall, Oklahoma barn

Barnsdall, Oklahoma barn

By the way, Nik Software allows a download of a 15 day trial for all their products. And there’s no watermark on your work so you can actually SEE what the product does.  And no, Nik Software doesn’t advertise on my site.  No one does!  I love the freedom that comes with that. Maybe not as much as I’d love some income?

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