It happens when I’m not looking. And usually takes a goosing from the first thunderstorm of the season to deliver me from my refrigerated stupor. This year in the absence of early tornado warnings, I ratcheted to an upright and cheerfully alert position from crumpled truculence all by myself. I’m quite proud. And very happy to report Spring is here.

One month ago this:

tulsadowntownsnowscene copy

Downtown Tulsa March 2010 Snow

Today this:





This is what Okies look forward to in the coming weeks. Notice the smiles on their faces.


Thank you Trevor & Beth for this photo. I discoverd it on your memory stick. That’s right, the one I still have.

For those wanting the rest of the camping series, keep checking back. For now, go camping. Or fishing.

DSC09274 copy

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