The Best to All of You in 2009!

Happy New Year!

While I don’t make resolutions per se, I do conjure up some adventurous fantasy or two for the New Year (isn’t that really what resolutions are?). I’ve decided the whole New Year’s resolution thing is not the result so much of the fresh start presented by a new year as much as what a high of 20 degrees does to my imagination. It seems to soar when there’s little hope of making it a reality – when I’m busy merely thinking of things to do as opposed to actually doing them.

Grand Teton

Grand Teton and the sight of my 2009 Adventure Fantasy

I wonder what would happen to my resolution imagination if January 1st fell in the middle of summer instead of the dead of winter? Consider what that would do to the resolution business in general. I realize that January 1st does occur in the summer if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, but play along for just a moment and pretend it’s summer all the world over on January 1st. What would happen if we didn’t have the time to sit around nursing Lethargy while Immobilization under a fluffy down blanket holds court with Paralysis in front of a crackling fire? Would the entire resolution industry crater? Would the Feds come in to rescue all those feeding on the resolution frenzy? Nah. We need a new beginning every year whether it be in January or October, summer or winter. And most of us need that defined because if left to our own devices, we’d just put it off until tomorrow.

So my adventure fantasy for 2009 has been a true fantasy for several years and I’ve finally decided to transition it to a reality. I plan to climb Grand Teton this year and to follow along with that progress, just click on The Grand Climb button on this page. It even has a nice, rhyming ring to it: The Grand Climb 09. Frightening.

Me & Grand Teton #4

The famous Snake River Overlook

I need someone to share my pain, sympathize with the difficulty of having 15 lbs. to lose, soothe me when I hiss at the thought of one more squat, curse at aching muscles and celebrate when it all ends in victory (or not – either way, I’ll be celebrating). The more of you someones, the better. I’m going to need all the help I can get….

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