In my email today:

“Thank you for scheduling with Exum Mountain Guides.”
The following is confirmation of your upcoming activities. Also attached is an equipment list and additional important information regarding your visit. (If you have difficulty downloading the attachments you can also download them from our website or click on the following links):
• Terms and Conditions/Cancellation policy:
• Equipment Lists:

Please review all information carefully and print this message and the attachments for reference as you prepare for your trip.
Exum Mountain Guides
Lupine Meadows – Jenny Lake
Grand Teton National Park
Box 56, Moose, WY 83012
Ph: (307) 733-2297
Fax: (307) 733-9613
Visit us on the web at
Named by Outside Magazine as “The Best for Mountaineering”
Exum – “Explore the Vertical”


Guess it's time to get the chalk out of the BAG and onto my HANDS. Wow, it's been great procrastinating the upcoming process.That day is over. Tell me to get off my A**!!

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