The contest showed up in a Tweet. After visiting the USA Today website and reading the rules, I realized the deadline for entries was that very day at midnight (May 8). They wanted shots of iconic America and the entries would be judged by 3 photography professionals. The top 10 would then be placed on the USA Today website for public judging. I’d just gotten back from the SRT to the Dakotas and Badlands National Park and thought the Black & White of the boardwalk in the Badlands would do nicely for the contest. So I uploaded the picture, didn’t receive any sort of confirmation, and promptly forgot about the contest.  Yesterday the light bulb sparked on, I sorted through my sent emails for the entry and the address (since I couldn’t even recall that it was for USA Today), went to the site, and slap me in the face! my entry made it to the Top 10! As a matter of fact, it’s the first photograph that pops up!

Here’s the link to vote.  If the link doesn’t work and you’re really intent on voting, just go to the USA Today website and search for “Picture America” contest. You’ll have to set up a free account with USA Today, which is quick, and means absolutely nothing, except you have the right to vote.

Voting ends June 8th and the top 3 actually win something. LOL Thank you for your votes!

The Badlands?

Badlands National Park 2009

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