While looking back is not my favorite perspective on life (I wallow rather than reflect), it’s a new year and straddling the fence of what lies ahead in the new year and what’s strewn behind from the year past is an acceptable occupation for the next day or two.  And since my imagination tank is running on fumes, we’re having a side mirror photo contest!  I love mirror shots.  They’re intriguing, often offering a view that eludes straight-on viewing. They can be deliciously deceptive or wackily interesting.  On every road trip I shoot something using one of these reflectors of what’s behind me, but there’s either water spots all over the mirror, a dust cloud making itself at home in the cab or wires crisscrossing the idyllic scene. The one below is a rare exception and is here only because I can’t make a post without a photo.

Post your SIDE MIRROR photos to the Solo Road Trip page on Facebook: here. [You’ll have to “like” the page before you can post.]

Winners choice of a $50 gift card to Amazon or B&H Photo, neither of which are advertisers. SRT is an Ad Free site.  We’re willing to change that stance for a Dodge SRT or for much less, whichever comes first.

The contest runs until midnight January 15th.

Join the Road Trip Revolution at the Solo Road Trip Facebook Fan Page, here.

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