i’m terrible at marketing. most comfortable being behind the scenes, i desire to write, not self promote. i understand trade-offs are made. for the most part i’m fully aware what those are. self promotion takes a lot of effort and for that dedication and commitment anyone good at it gets my respect. nevertheless i appreciate, even delight in the occasional pat on the back.

it’s hard to top being nominated by USA Today as one of the top ten iconic American images with the photograph Walkway to the West.

Badlands, South Dakota

Walkway to the West. Badlands, South Dakota.

“Finalist: Walkway to the West in the American High Plains by Tammie Dooley of Tulsa, Okla. The judges, who would have picked this as the second-place winner, were struck by its “great mood – stormy, majestic, dramatic – emphasized by the drama of black and white. It draws you in and pushes you away at the same time, challenging you intellectually.” They found it emblematic of the high plains and prairies so unique to the American landscape. “The whole middle of the country is represented here,” they said.””

but that was sometime ago (November 2009). the ego needs a boost occasionally. even if it’s a trumped up one.

does this mean i can claim to be the #1 road trip blog? seems an ever so tiny stretch. think i’ll just stop at hey, good news!

a believer in sharing the love and that the BEST changes with every perspective and day to day like the tilt of the sun’s illumination on a door knob, here’s the link that lists all the others.  road trip fiends rejoice – you have many choices.

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